Privacy concerns

This is your opportunity to subscribe to these OLPH communication (using the MailChimp emailing program):

  • Weekly e-Bulletin: this is an electronic version of the weekend Bulletin but presented in a more attractive format. This was started on May 11, 2014 and included a preamble from our Pastor (below).


  • Quarterly e-Newsletter: this is an on-going newsletter of News and Upcoming Events in OLPH's Parish and Beyond-the-Parish - started some years ago. Recent issues have included "profiles" of various parishioners including clergy members, to learn about each other to build up our community.


  • As needed (Urgent Parish News or Special Events): for urgent or important info to be transmitted to all parishioners as quickly as possible.

Your email address will be used for the above publications, respecting your privacy concerns. OLPH is committed to respecting your privacy, and treats information that you provide as confidential to be used only in connection with the work of the Church (the word “Church” includes OLPH and the Archdiocese of Toronto of which OLPH is part). In general terms, that information is used for communications with you, and for the administrative and other purposes of the Church. When you express an interest in joining in activities of the Church, OLPH will share, only as necessary, your contact information with the persons who are organizing such activities. Otherwise, except as may be required by law, the information you provide will not be sharedwith other persons who, or organizations which, are not part of the Church. At any time, you may request that we update the personal information that OLPH has on file.


Message from OLPH Pastor, Fr. Jim Hannah - with the first e-Bulletin

At the recommendation of the parish Pastoral Council, we are initiating a new service to try to enhance communication within the parish. Beginning this weekend (May 11, 2014), the weekly parish bulletin and other important information about the parish will be emailed directly to your Inbox. It will be sent to all OLPH parishioners whose e-mail addresses we currently have (approximately 700+ including multiple emails in some households).

The primary purpose for this initiative is to keep you as informed as possible about the life of your parish and to save you the bother of having to pick up a paper bulletin each week. While the paper bulletins do not cost the parish financially, they are a waste of paper when we are now able to communicate the same information electronically. We feel this is one small thing we can do for the sake of our environment.

We will continue to produce the paper bulletin but as more parishioners stop taking them, we will reduce the number so that we only have enough to provide to those parishioners who do not have email. We also want to ensure you that we will not use this means of communication frivolously and clutter up your Inbox with unnecessary information. If you’ve learned about this initiative (perhaps through a fellow-parishioner) and wish to be added for future emailing, please subscribe on this page.