Questions & Answers

  • Why are we participating in an Archdiocese campaign when we need so much for ourselves? +

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) is a strong supporter of archdiocesan ministries and work. The Family of Faith Campaign is an initiative of all parishes in this archdiocese whereby all parishes in the archdiocese are expected to participate and benefit from. We have conducted a very successful Feasibility Study which identified that parishioners would support both plans and we would be able to raise the $3.0M necessary.
  • Are these needs real and urgent? +

    Our parish is required by law in the next 11 years to become fully accessible and therefore we must do a majority of this work now. The ministries that underpin our work, youth, seniors and families require more attention and are considered very important to parishioners in the study. The five year plan encompasses a plan for the future of our parish.
  • How did we arrive at the cost estimates? +

    Most of the estimates were provided by our Architect. The estimates for the ministries were provided by similar services in neighboring parishes. We will arrange to finalize the costs with competitive bidding in the fall 2014.
  • What’s included in the “contingency” & “fundraising costs” category? +

    The contingency is an estimate of potentially 10% if the final costs are more that the estimates. The fundraising costs include printed materials and consultants fees.
  • How will you keep us informed about progress? +

    Parishioners will be kept informed by weekly progress reports in the bulletin and on the parish website. There will be a Campaign center located in the church vestibule and all updates will be communicated there. Look for our Campaign Thermometer to monitor our financial progress.
  • Why are you asking for a 5 year pledge? +

    Raising $3.0M over a 5-year period will help us achieve our goals without putting undue financial pressure on our parishioners and supporters
  • If my financial circumstances change, may I alter my pledge? +

    Yes. We are sensitive to the changes within people’s financial situation and if your donation amount needs to be changed, please contact our Campaign Treasurer, Kathryn Dourley at the parish office. All gift amounts and changes will be kept confidential.
  • Will all parishioners be asked to contribute? +

     All parishioners will be invited to make a proportionate gift (above their weekly offerings) in accordance with their income and as an expression of their faith and commitment to OLPH.
  • Who can I contact for more information? +

     You are welcome to contact any member of our Parish Campaign Committee by contacting the parish office.
  • Will my pledge be kept confidential? +

     Yes. Only two or three people at the parish will have access to the pledge amounts, Kathryn Dourley, Treasurer and volunteers as needed. The Archdiocese will manage the pledge administration.
  • How are the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Pastoral Plan and Family of Faith campaign connected? +

     The Archdiocese of Toronto’s Pastoral Plan, released in February 2013, was the product of several years of consultation and planning. Rooted in prayer, the plan’s mission is twofold. The archdiocese’s inward pastoral mission is to nurture and strengthen the faith experience of committed Catholics. The apostolic (outward) mission is to announce the Gospel, both to the faithful and those outside the Church. Much of the Pastoral Plan can be accomplished using existing resources while some will require new funds. The Family of Faith campaign, rooted in the Pastoral Plan, will help raise the necessary funds to implement many of the goals found in the Pastoral Plan. To learn more about the Pastoral Plan, visit: To learn more about the Family of Faith campaign, visit:
  • What about other priorities (eg. ShareLife) in my parish and in the archdiocese? +

     How will they be affected? Parishioners across the Archdiocese of Toronto are being encouraged to commit to a sacrificial gift to the Family of Faith campaign. As the gift to the campaign is sacrificial, parishioners are asked to maintain their commitment to other priorities, including ShareLife and their weekly parish offertory collections. Large capital campaigns can have a short term impact on annual fundraising campaigns like ShareLife and this will be monitored throughout the Family of Faith campaign
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