Children's Liturgy Coordinator



This position involves the coordination of the Liturgy of the Word for children from ages 4 to 11 during the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Eucharist. This celebration of the Word for children gives the children who participate the opportunity of hearing the Sunday scriptures in a language that is more suitable to their age level. It also provides them with the opportunity to reflect on the Word in ways that are both engaging and useful for their learning. The program begins in early September and ends on Pentecost Sunday. No program is held on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday.

Mandatory Activities/Responsibilities

  • Overall coordination of the entire program so that there is continuity from week to week
  • Either handling the preparation and delivery of each Sunday session or finding and delegating that responsibility to another person
  • Ensuring that there is a lesson plan for each Sunday based on the two Sunday Readings including reflection questions based on the scriptures. Currently there is a "Sunday Weekly Leaders Guide" to assist with this task.
  • The Coordinator controls the interaction and dialogue with the children and attempts to reinforce the Liturgy lesson with games, arts and crafts and other activities suited to the children.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications

  • A practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church
  • A member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish
  • It can be helpful for the Coordinator to have some familiarity with the flow of the Church's Liturgical Year
  • The Coordinator should also have an interest in scripture and a willingness to learn about the meaning of the scriptures
  • This person should be able to work with groups and especially with children
  • They should have a familiarity with children of the varying ages involved in the program including such things as character traits, cerebral skills, and attention spans
  • They should have some organizational skills and be able to design and execute a lesson plan

Personal Traits and Qualities

  • An ability to listen
  • Friendliness and ease with children
  • Flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Good sense of humour
  • Enjoys working with people, especially children

Orientation and Training

  • The Coordinator needs to become familiar with the children's liturgy program
  • They need to meet and come to know any other team members
  • They need a clear understanding of the procedures necessary to protect children and to safeguard the reputation of other facilitators
  • Orientation and training will be provide by the Pastoral Staff along with other resource persons who might be called upon for consultation and input

Participant Group

  • The primary participant group in the Children's Liturgy Program is the children, ages 4 to 11, of the parish, who chose to participate in the program.

Support, Supervision and Evaluation

  • Support will come from the parish pastoral team, the parents of the children in the program and other adults who volunteer to assist in the program.
  • Supervision will be provided by the constant presence of more than one adult while the program is in operation. Also, on a sporatic basis one of the members of the Pastoral Team will drop in to observe and/or participate in the program.
  • Evaluation will take place at the end of each yearly cycle of the program. This will involve the Coordinator and the Pastor and other members of the program team. Evaluation will also be done by consulting, on a yearly basis, the parents of the children who participate in the program.

Length of Ministry Appointment

  • Two years with the ongoing possibility of renewal

Benefits and Working Conditions

  • The Coordinator will develop planning, leadership, public speaking and organizational skills.
  • The Coordinator will also benefit from the ongoing exposure to the enthusiasm, faith and energy of children.
  • The Parish Team, along with parent of the parish, will be available to the Coordinator for support and assistance.
  • If materials are needed these will be purchased by the parish
  • The parish will make space available for the program and make sure that the program is well promoted and encouraged.

Screening Measures

  • Because this program involve ministry to children it is by its very nature assessed as a high risk ministry.
  • Completion of the Volunteer Information Form is required along with three references and a police Criminal Reference Check.
  • Also, an interview with members of the Parish Screening Committee will be required.
  • The Coordinator must also complete the Ministry Covenant Form


Parish Office at (416) 489-1540, Ext 221 or Click Here.