The Lector serves the liturgical assembly by proclaiming the Sacred Scripture during the Liturgy of the Word. The worthy exercise of this role enables the Church to hear the Word of God more clearly and receive it with more open hearts. Such regular public nourishment with the biblical Word helps to sustain the community and contributes to its ongoing conversion and mission.

Mandatory Activities/Responsibilities

  • Prepare for your role by rehearsing, praying over and coming to an understanding of the biblical text assigned for the particular liturgical celebration
  • Participate fully in the liturgy as an active member of the assembly
  • Read one or both readings, psalm and prayers of intercession as required
  • Proclaim the biblical text with clarity, conviction, dignity and understanding
  • Express reverence and decorum in carrying out this and other aspects of your role according to the general liturgical norms e.g. procession handling of book, etc.
  • Show up when assigned to fulfill your responsibility or ensure that a replacement has been found to ensure that the communities' liturgical needs are adequately served.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications

  • Must be a baptized member of the Catholic Church
  • Prepared for this ministry and understand the place of the Liturgy of the Word within the Eucharist and their role as Lector
  • Commissioned by the pastor for their role
  • Must be a fully initiated member of the community, they them must have received baptism, eucharist and confirmation
  • Must be able to read clearly, distinctly, slowly and with meaning
  • Able and willing to attend a yearly training session in the parish

Personal Traits and Qualities

  • Must have a love for the Word of God
  • A desire to share the Word with others
  • A willingness to grow in their understanding of the scriptures through study, prayer and reflection
  • Must be reliable, punctual, well-groomed and appropriately dressed
  • Must be committed to prayer, gospel values and growth in personal holiness

Orientation and Training

  • The standard parish orientation program
  • Purchase and weekly use of the Lector's Workbook

Participant Group

The Lector will be serving the who Liturgical assembly every time they read

Support, Supervision and Evaluation

  • Support comes from the Lector Coordinator, the other Lectors and the Pastor
  • Supervision comes from the Lector Coordinator and the Pastor
  • Evaluation takes place at the end of the ministry appointment

Length of Ministry Appointment

  • Two years with possibility of renewal

Benefits and Working Conditions

  • The Lector will make a very significant contribution to the liturgical celebration on behalf of the whole community
  • Will develop public speaking skills
  • Will develop a better appreciation of the Sunday Scriptures
  • Will be better prepared personally to enter into the whole celebration of the Eucharist

Screening Measures

  • This is a low risk position
  • The Lector must complete the Volunteer Information Form and the Ministry Covenant Form


Parish Office at (416) 489-1540, Ext 221 or Click Here.