Choir Ministry

Music Ministry — Choir


The role of the parish choir is to encourage, support and enhance the singing of the Assembly gathered for worship.

Mandatory Activities/Responsibilities

  • Choir members will sing at the 11:00 a.m. Eucharist each Sunday except during July and August
  • The choir will also sing on special occasions as required
  • The choir will attend a one to two hour rehearsal each week on Thursday evenings from September to June
  • The choir members will take responsibility for the care of sheet music and choir books.

concert1 130317 800
OLPH Choir just finished performing at the Evening of Musical Celebration including Music for St. Patrick's Day (March 17, 2013). Choir members are, left to right:
Back row - Barbara Winchester, Henry Miller, Michael Herron, John Rutherford, Brian Wayne, Stephen Cockle
Second row - Mimi Allemand, Anne-Maria Pennanen, Michelle Lundy, Helen Stewart, Joanne McGarry, Elenita Raiha
Front row - Joy Alexander, Anne Marie Guchardi, Sandra Smit, Carolynne Davy (Director of Music)
Missing - Darya Findlay-Hendry, Margaret Gillespie, Eric & Rosamund Krueger & Ann Sirek

Skills, Experience and Qualifications

  • A choir member should be a Christian and a person of faith
  • They should practice their faith within a faith community
  • Choir members should have a love of music
  • They should have the ability to sing in tune and follow simple rhythms
  • They should be able and willing to respond to instructions and leadership from the Director of Music, the cantor and the organist
  • The ability to read music is most helpful but not essential

Personal Traits and Qualities

  • Pleasant, outgoing and congenial
  • Reliable and conscientious
  • Enjoy being part of a team

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"Choir on 2012 Christmas Eve 10 pm mass in their comfortable choir loft 'home'.
From left in back row are Barbara Winchester, Henry Miller, Michael Herren, John Rutherford, Stephen Cockle (guest), Genosh Manuelpillai and Davin Raiha (guest). In middle row - Michelle Lundy, Margaret Gillespie, Helen Stewart & Elenita Raiha. Front row - Sandra Smit, Anne Marie Guchardi, Carolynne Davy (Director of Music) and Frank O'Grady (organist)
Missing are - Joy Alexander, Mimi Allemand, Darya Findlay-Hendry, Eric & Rosamund Krueger, Joanne McGarry-Paolini, Anne-Maria Pennanen and Ann Sirek

Orientation and Training

  • Voice audition by the Director of Music
  • Director of Music will situate the person within the choir in the position in which his/her voice will be most effective to enhance the sound of the choir
  • Regular and ongoing participation in choir rehearsals

Participant Group

    • Choir members serve the entire community of faith within the parish

organists concert 130317 640
Organists Peter Daly (left) and Frank O'Grady with Carolynne Davy

Support, Supervision and Evaluation

  • Support comes from all the other members of the choir plus the choir director, the cantors and the organists
  • Supervision comes from the regular feedback provided by the organist and other members of the choir
  • Evaluation comes at the end of each term in the choir

concert2 130317 800
OLPH Choir performing at the 'Evening of Musical Celebration'(March 17, 2013)

Benefits and Working Conditions

  • Choir members will develop a greater appreciation for and love of liturgical music
  • They will develop a greater sensitivity and understanding of the Liturgical seasons of the Church year
  • They will feel more involved in the celebration of their own faith life
  • They will develop the ability to perform, interpret and understand music
  • They will develop a greater love of music
  • They will develop a greater appreciation for and confidence in their own musical ability and contribution to the work of the choir as a whole
  • They will develop a greater appreciation for working together as a group
  • Choir members must be able to climb stairs to get into the church basement for rehearsals and into the choir loft for leading the singing of the congregation

Screening Measures

  • This ministry is assessed as a low risk ministry
  • Completion of the Volunteer Information Form is required
  • Orientation to the Position is also required
  • The Leader must also complete the Ministry Covenant Form


Parish Office at (416) 489-1540, Ext 221 or Click Here.


carolynne davy godin fnl 1227px 130826

Carolynne Davy
Director of Music/Cantor

john koopmans

John Koopmans

peter daly

Peter Daly

frank ogrady

Frank O'Grady