Pastoral Group


  • Bible Study
  • Lay Pastoral Ministry — Coordinator
  • Lay Pastoral Ministry — Visitor
  • RCIA Team
  • St. Vincent de Paul Society
The Bible Study Program is a structured program consisting of weekly meetings of small groups for approximately 8 to 10 weeks per session. During these sessions parishioners are invited to discover more about the Bible. The Bible Study Program Leader is responsible for setting up the program and facilitating the evening sessions. Read More
The Coordinator is responsible for assigning Lay Pastoral Ministry Visitors to shut-in parishioners of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish and ensuring that they make regularly-scheduled visits with them in order to bring them the Eucharist; as well, is required to train new Visitors, introduce them to the shut-in and follow-up on a regular basis with both parties to ensure that the arrangement works satisfactorily. The Coordinator must be available to answer questions or give guidance to Visitors as required and keep the Pastor informed should any irregularities in these arrangements arise. Read More
Lay Pastoral Ministry Visitor make regularly scheduled visits to assigned shut-in parishioners of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in order to share the Eucharist with them; as well, they bring them up-to-date on parish activities and, if required, listen to their concerns and answer questions. Anything outside the scope of the Lay Pastoral Ministry Visitor's mandate should be brought to the attention of the Coordinator or the Pastor. Read More
RCIA parish team members are part of a team, along with the OLPH pastor, who work along with the parish community to guide and direct both non-baptized adults and adults baptized into other Christian traditions in the life of the Roman Catholic Church as they seek the sacraments of initiation into the Christian Community or reception into the Catholic Church. Read More
Members of the Society (Vincentians) provide service to the poor and others in need, as a result of life's challenges. This ministry is about giving yourself and allows you to both answer God's call to service and to respond to needs within your immediate or wider community. Although home visitations have traditionally represented the core work of the members, Vincentians and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul continue to respond to new needs and realities. ("No work of charity is foreign to the Society", The Rule, Schema 1) Read More