Parish Administration


Financial Reports

The latest financial report was included in the June 26th paper and e-bulletin. If you would like to request a paper copy, please contact the Parish Administrative Assistant, Theresa Daley at 416-489-1540, ext. 221


Sacrificial Giving

OLPH introduced the "Sacrificial Giving" program. Its purpose was to assist in thinking about how much of our personal/family income one is willing and able to share with both our church and those in society who are deeply in need. The program also invites us to think about our giving in a new way — to give a planned proportionate amount of our income in gratitude for all that God has given us. Read Fr. Jim's letter on Sacraficial Giving.


Operations and Maintenance

Condition Report

A condition survey of the church and rectory buildings of OLPH was undertaken in March 2003. The report makes a number of recommendations to be carried out for both buildings. View the Summary of the report