The Sacrament of Confirmation


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Confirmation for 40 candidates, seated on
right side of centre aisle (May 12, 2012)

In the sacrament of Confirmation, the candidates are asking questions related to their identity. For the candidates to be able to identify who they are and and how their Catholic faith helps to shape and mold the person they are in a process of becoming a disciple.

“Who am I?” is a basic question, one that most adolescents are asking. It is important for the candidates to understand themselves. They should know their likes, dislikes, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, who their friends are, and so on. Before a decision can be made in confirmation to be a follower of Jesus, the candidates should engage in this process of reflection. It is only then that they will be able to recognize who they are in relation to God, friends, Church, environment and the world. This is true of many aspects of life. In the sacrament of marriage, for example, couples are encouraged to know themselves before they can even try to know the person they are about to marry. Knowledge of one’s self is essential to becoming a better person and a better disciple.

The candidates at Confirmation are affirming the faith already handed on to them by their parents and godparents. They are publicly saying now to the bishop or pastor and to all gathered that they want to continue to follow Jesus as a member of the Catholic Church. This is a big responsibility for anyone, especially an adolescent. They are committing to live as Jesus did for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, God has given us a blueprint to follow: the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes.

Policies & Procedures on the Sacrament of Confirmation at OLPH

Sacrament of Holy Confirmation

Confirmation on left side of centre aisle


The sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the Archdiocese of Toronto when the child is around 12 years of age or older (Grade 7 or above). The registration process for this Sacrament takes place during the month of October. Those who attend OLPH School receive registration packages through the school though completed applications are then returned to the church. Those in schools other than OLPH will have packages available in the church vestibule until the registration deadline. The actual preparation program is usually scheduled to begin around November or December. Once the preparation program begins, no other students will be admitted until the following year.

The preparation process for Confirmation involves both initial and immediate preparation. OLPH School offers the initial preparation for the students who attend the school and parish offers several sessions of initial preparation for those who go to other schools. There are also joint sessions for all students related to the immediate preparation phase of the program.

The celebration of Confirmation is normally celebrated by the Bishop. However, given the nature of the Archdiocese the Bishop is often able to come only every 2nd or 3rd year. On those years when the Bishop is unable to be present the pastor of the parish is delegated to preside at the Confirmation. When the Bishop is coming the Confirmation is held on the date set by his office. When the pastor presides at the Confirmation it is usually celebrated in early May at the 5:00 p.m. mass on Saturday evening.

Norms for Determining the Parish in Which your Child is to Receive both his/her Instruction and Reception of the Sacraments

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some boys at Confirmation on May 12, 2012

  1. Children who are regularly attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish are to receive both their instruction and their Sacrament at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
  2. Children who live within the boundaries of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish but are in the regular habit of attending and participating in another parish are to receive their instruction and their Sacrament in the parish they regularly attend.
  3. Children who are not in the habit of attending church regularly and who live within the boundaries of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish are to receive both their instruction and Sacrament at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. If you live within the boundaries of some other parish then it is to this other parish that you must go for instruction and the celebration of the Sacrament.
  4. If you are not in the habit of attending Church regularly and you live in the boundaries of a parish other than Our Lady of Perpetual Help, but you would like your child to receive their instruction and Sacraments at Our Lady of Perpetual Help because your child attends OLPH School, you will need to get a letter of permission from the pastor of the parish within whose boundaries you live.